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Coloring Alutiiq

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This 28-page coloring book features line drawings by Alutiiq artist Hanna Sholl. The images show traditional clothing and the animals and tools used in their manufacture. Color caribou, squirrels, and puffins, and the parkas made from their skins. Each page includes Alutiiq language vocabulary provided by Elder speakers. The book also has an introduction to the Alutiiq people, a map of Kodiak, and information on traditional colors. 8.5" x11". Black and white interior, color cover.

For people of all ages who enjoy coloring.

“Coloring Alutiiq” is a breath of fresh air for Kodiak Island’s cultural revitalization. This coloring book has informative, but simple drawings easy for even our youngest artists to color. As an elementary educator on Kodiak Island, this book is bringing a new and engaging way to teach about Alutiiq culture. Students are loving the Kodiak Island connections and enjoying the relatable local content. The labels in Alutiiq and English are not only informative, but unique. “Coloring Alutiiq” provides a creative outlet for children and adults while giving an educational look into Kodiak Island people and their history. The author, Hanna, brings her cultural influence and knowledge to the book that shows a genuine connection to Alutiiq language, culture, and lifestyle.

–Erica Thompson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Kodiak Island Borough School District

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