After the Russians came to the Alutiiq region, the dance rattles went silent. A Kodiak artist has changed that.

Artist to Explain How She Turns Salmon (Skin) Into Bears

Stitching Together: Educational Programming and the Revitalization of Alutiiq Arts 

Museum Publishes Alutiiq-Themed Coloring Book by Hanna Sholl

Alutiiq Museum Turns Children’s Book Into Interactive Tale

Igaruacirpet: Our Way of Making Designs

Heritage Project Grant- Coloring Alutiiq in Ouzinkie

Keep Talking

HANNA AGASUUQ SHOLL Alutiiq Museum artist bio

Reflections of a Parent of a Future Alutiiq Speaker

Arts Inspiration – Integrating Alutiiq into Art

Native Village of Afognak, designs by Hanna Sholl

KONIAG, Artist Directory

Download pages from Hanna Sholl's coloring book:

Rediscovering History with Needles, Thread, and Caribou Skins

New Skin Sewers Put Final Stitch in Traditional Parka

Artists recreate historical Alutiiq ceremonial accessories

Museum to Develop Alutiiq Culture Coloring Book

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