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2020 Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship 

"In 2019,                                             partnership with the 


launched the Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship to honor and support a select cohort of fellows as they work to further Indigenous knowledge creation, dissemination and change in Indigenous communities. This fellowship provides Native knowledge holders and knowledge makers the funding and connections necessary to maximize their potential and realize their vision for their communities. It also provides these knowledge holders with the resources to match their existing knowledge, passion and drive to achieve their personal and community goals. This inaugural class of fellows was selected with the guidance of an advisory and selection committee based on the strength of their intent, vision, experience and potential to create, disseminate and perpetuate indigenous knowledge for positive change in their communities."



For the support

Like our culture, you can expect this collection to continue to grow. Because of this, some pieces and pages may come up as incomplete.  


Collection one
Present time storytelling and Indigenous issues through Traditional Sugpiaq/ Alutiiq Pieces

These pieces were created to spark conversations about issues facing Indigenous communities and share Alutiiq stories, information, and history in a present day content.  

Collection two
learning traditional techniques by Putting my hands in the same places as our ancestors; with the intention of learning from preserved works and studying ancestral pieces.

Collection three
A journey to traditional 

A Collection of

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