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If you feel the pull to teach your culture, don’t be afraid.

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When teaching, is it important to do so in a culturally responsible, ethical, and respectable way.

If you are not Indigenous and you seek to teach Indigenous arts, culture, spirituality and often even history; you are not alone. Please reach out to your Indigenous community. Ask for help - ask for permission.


Below you will find resources custom to teaching and learning about different aspects of Alutiiq/ Sugpiaq culture.

Whether you are rediscovering your history, learning about the land you are on, a teacher within the school district, or interested in what is out there, please view below.  


Always adding new resources, bookmark and check back!




go ahead, let's go, come on.

You can start small...slowly add in Alutiiq words

Cama'i - Hello


Hello; hi

Cama'i - Hello

Quyanaa - Thank you


Thank you

Quyanaa - Thank you

Kakiwik - Sewing bag 

Kakiwik activity coming soon

© Fine Arts by Hanna Sholl

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